Game Tycoon 2: Major feature update will be released today

GT2 LogoGame Tycoon 2 will get the announced major feature update for PC today on Steam. The game has already been greatly extended since its release. Then and now, as part of the new update, many suggestions of the community have been realized. Today it will be released on Steam.

Marco Sowa from Sunlight Games: „Unfortunately this update was delayed, because the porting of One Hundred Ways for Xbox One took longer than planned. But we used the time to collect all the feedback for Game Tycoon 2. This update now contains all important and useful improvements. We would like to thank the community for their help and patience. Also, we would still appreciate if the community carried on discussing the game with us in the Steam forums."

The major changes refer to the handling and feedback for the player. For instance, the player will get a feedback after the development of a game, revealing how popular used technologies have been in the recent year. It is also possible to play the game now in Spanish. A list of all innovations was published in the Steam-forums of the game.


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