Game Tycoon 2 release will be postpone a few days

News RedSunlight Games announced today that the release of game Tycoon 2 will be a few days later. Tomorrow, the "Red-update" with many new features will be released in Early Access on Steam. The final release date will be announced in short term. The developers use the extra time for more extensive tests and final balancing.

Marco Sowa, Managing Director of Sunlight Games: "Our big goal was to release the final version of Game Tycoon 2 before Easter. Until the middle of last week it looked like we could reach the deadline. However, we have noticed in the past few days on some tests that not everything is already so smoothly, as we would like to have it. Quality is very important for us, so we want to work a few days more on the game mechanics and the balancing. For all the fans we've unlocked as small consolation on the past weekend the trading cards. The "Red-Update" will be released tomorrow in Early Access."


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