Game Tycoon 2 is about to leave the Early Access on Steam in one week

News RedOn 24th of March 2016 Game Tycoon 2 will leave the Early Access on Steam. The game has been available in the Early Access since October 2015. During this time period, numerous wishes of the community have been realized. However, the development isn't finished with this final version, yet. The Mac, Linux and mobile versions will be released shortly.

Even after the completion of the main version, the realization of ideas and suggestions of the community will be worked on. Two of the main points on the agenda are the designing of customized covers and the development of own consoles. What is more, Game Tycoon 2 is supposed to receive a mod-support. This and other ideas will be realized soon.

Marco Sowa from Sunlight Games: „We are very happy about the suggestions and reactions to the game, which we have received in Early Access. That's why the game has become more extensive than originally planned. In addition, we doubled the extent of the technology tree. Therefore we will continue to develop further feature updates based on the extensive and demanded suggestions by the community. The team would be happy to discuss these suggestions on the Steam forums, where the latest roadmap including scheduled updates can also be found."


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