Small update, new release date and more updates for Game Tycoon 2!

News DiscToday Sunlight Games releases a small update for Game Tycoon 2, which fix minor mistakes, adds features and enhances the project planning. Moreover, the completion of the final version will be delayed into March. Until the final release there will be an update to 0.4.0 and another larger update to 0.5.0. The latest information regarding all changes can be found in the Roadmap in the Steam forum or on the game's website.

"We are in a little delay, because we've added a lot of suggestions of the community and the game should be tested more extensively. In addition we want to add an enhanced help system", explains Marco Sowa, Managing Director of Sunlight Games.

The "CD-Update" will be published at the end of January. With this there will be added the marketing / PR area as well as other features and wishes of the community. The modified "DVD update" in February will then add the last areas: a shopping center and the home area and start the beta phase. The final update is called "Red-Update". The team would like to keep up the discussion about the game in the Steam and Sunlight forums. The roadmap was updated and includes the scheduled updates.


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