Which game modes does Game Tycoon 2 have?
In Game Tycoon 2, there is an endless mode and a mission mode. In total, 20 missions wait to be played. To do this, there will be five tutorials too. There will not be a multiplayer mode.

In the game, for which platforms can games be developed for?
Based on the game year you can develop games for PCs, handheld devices, consoles, smartphones, online/browser and arcade machines. While the platforms are in the virtual year available to develop for, where they was released in real.

Can the game be saved?
Of course. But there will be only a memory slot for each game mode, which can be resumed later. Alternatively, you can start a new game.

How to reach the various places in the game?
Just about the map, there are two areas (development and Research Office), which are accessed through the companies Office. You can get one scene back by hitting the right mouse button.

Can I try to sell games without a publisher?
Yes, if the offers of the publisher are to bad, you can do it on your own with a distributor. Later in the game is a release on online platforms possible too.

Can I develop only games and engines?
No, it is also possible to develop updates, Add-Ons, demos, mods or an editor.

Compared to Game Tycoon 1 / 1.5, how much content does Game Tycoon 2 have?
A lot of more. Many areas will be much more detailed. There is - if you want - very many details that you can set at the games. Even in marketing, there is much more detail that can be set.

In which languages will the game be?
Game Tycoon 2 can be played in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Will the game be available for Mac and Linux?
That's the plan, yes. But this after the release of the final PC version.

Which Steam features will be supported in in the final game?
Cloud-save, trading cards and Achievements.

Will there be the ability to mod the game?
We have that on our list too, to make it available. But that will be probably after the release. We will then see whether and to what extent it will be possible.

Can I make and release a let's plays?
Yes, of course. Please consider the current status of the features and all upcoming areas/features. It would be great if you forward it and if you inform the community about it.

Can be used old saves after updates in Early Access?
We can't promise that because the game is still in development. There is anyway just only save game per game mode.

Are there cheats in the game, like in Game Tycoon 1?
May be :)

Are there easter-eggs in the game, like in Game Tycoon 1?
May be too :)

Why does the systems have fantasy-names and fantasy-pictures?
Because we didn't have the original names/licenses.

Why was Game Tycoon 2 released so early in the Early Access?
We want ask the community about ideas and suggestions in the Early Access version, so that we can consider and integrate them. That wouldn't work with an almost finished game. We are very satisfied with the feedback we get during the Early Access. We got great suggestions and ideas.

Why there was criticism of its predecessor, Game Tycoon 1.5 on steam?
This has several reasons. The game was released in 2005, the main in 2003. In 2014 it was just a re-release on Steam by our former publisher. It was sure that there will be no updates. However, this has was promised by our former publisher. We apologize for this false statements.
On the other hand, many players thought, due to the similar name to another similar game, it is a sequel to this game. Which is not so. Game Tycoon 1 or 1.5 was already about 10 years old when it was publish to Steam.
In the meantime, the contracts to our former publisher was canceled. Our current Publisher (Kiss) and we have nothing to do with that which occurs, our former publisher has done.
Game Tycoon 2 is a new stand-alone game, which is developed from scratch.

The start-button doesn't work, I use Linux as os!?
In rare cases on Linux (for example occur that on Gentoo Linux), it may be that the start button is not working. Start the game with the parameters:
LANG="C" %command%
That should solve the problem.

This FAQ will extended, if necessary!


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