Game Tycoon 2 was on Steam in Early Accesss for the last phase of the developing process, from 30th of October 2015 until 08th of April 2016.

Your opinion has always been valuable for us - so we included a lot of your ideas into the development of Game Tycoon 2. By offering the Early Access to you, we got a lot opinions, wishes, suggestions and, of course, criticism, which we considered.

Games Tycoon 2 is more extensive and detailed than Game Tycoon 1. So all of the technologies and trends from the years 1980 up until 2050 are offered and included. Games can be developed for PCs, handheld devices, smartphones or other platforms. Besides the endless game, there also are 20 missions to accomplish - an extensive tutorial helps you to get started.

Here you go to Game Tycoon 2 on Steam!

Status: 02. November 2016

30.10.2015: Early Access-start (v0.1.0) - RELEASED!
- Map with all final locations
- Company office (plan games and engines, fire/train developer)
- Developer office (develop games and engines; put developer on projects)
- University (read magazines, hire developer)
- Tutorial (until Update 1)

27.11.2015: Tape-Update (Update 1; v0.2.0) - RELEASED!
- Company office (set standard settings developer)
- Research (set which technologies should be researched or buy them later)
- Finance (trade shares, take credit)
- Steam Cloud-Save
- Tutorial (until Update 2)

18.12.2015: Disc-Update (Update 2; v0.3.0) - RELEASED!
- Law (buy engines, close publisher/distributor deals, buy licenses)
- Production/Warehouse (produce games, create boxes, see stock, assign contracts with stocks, sell budget games)
- Tutorial (until Update 3)

29.01.2016: CD-Update (Update 3; v0.4.0) - RELEASED!
- Marketing/PR (create advertising campaigns, book exhibition booths - and visit them!)
- Law (get jobs, publishing contracts)
- Tutorial (until Update 4)

26.02.2016: DVD-Update (Update 4; v0.5.0) - RELEASED!
- Online-games
- Game Shop
- Shopping mall (buy status symbols)
- Home (rest, use status symbols)
- Start betatest
- New help-system
- Tutorial (until Release Update)

24.03.2016: Red-Update (Update 5; v0.9.0) - RELEASED!
- Computer-opponents
- Achievements
- Finance (bring company to wall street)
- Company office (see stats)
- Steam-Trading-Cards
- Texts added for French and Italian
- Texts proofed
- All missions

08.04.2016: Red-Release (Release; v1.0) - RELEASED!
- more small and big features
- Achievements (all)
- Balancing
- Complete game

02.11.2016: Gold-Update (Update; 1.1) - RELEASED!
- More status symbols for the home area
- More suggestions
- More features
- Bugfixes


Note: This roadmap will be up-to-date!
Detailed descriptions will be released soon!

* changes and shifts possible!


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